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Re: Which type of mushaf ins Unicode encoding?

Abdulhaq Lynch wrote:

What do you think of my example of the pakistani tanween with small meem, indicating tanween + iqlaab, which from the grapheme point of view is in addition to and offset from the tanween? (http://kprayertime.sourceforge.net/calligraphy/tanween-dammataan-iqlaab.png)

Doesn't this indicate that iqlaab should be encoded as such, and not incorporated into the tanween?

Do you mean "not incorporated into the tamweem"?

Personally I lean toward "iqlaab" over "tamweem", unless we have a case where the little meem does not indicate iqlaab. In that case, I would encode both iqlaab and tamweem.

I would encode your example: