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Re: Quran data and issues in encoding the Quran in unicode

You should be able to use the application from the Arabeyes Quran
project. The only function that might not work is search, because the
data is not there.
If you are not using linux, you can actually use a normal notepad
under windows (wordpad does not work). It should work fine under
Windows XP, but not to sure about win2k. Just make sure you use the
font available at the site.
I did wrote a simple application that can display the quran aya by
aya. I wrote it using C#.net, windows platform. Later, I found out
that there are similar application at arabeyes cvs, so you might be
able to use that as well for windows. If you want my application, I
might be able to upload it as well, but you need .net runtime to be
able to run the application.
I have the same thought also, let the Hafiz be the first level to
verify the quran data. Then, we can go into detail in comparing it
letter for letter and mark for mark with the actual Madinah Mushaf.
If you are interested in verifying the data, please let me know which
part you want to verify, so that so don't have to duplicate our
effort. Later, let me know the errors if any so that I can rectify in
the original source.
I've a perl script also, that can convert the data into a web page,
one sura per page. If you want that, I can give it to you.


On 6/16/05, Omar Abo-Namous <merlin12345 at gmx dot de> wrote:
> Salam,
> thank you for that. Did you write an application to varify the Quran?
> What i mean is an application that displays the quran for those who want
> to varify it. i know someone who has memorized the quran but he can't
> use the computer very well. He'll need some application of this sort.
> Salam.
> Omar
> Meor Ridzuan Meor Yahaya wrote:
> > First of all, I would like to inform that I've created a new Quran
> > unicode data, complete with diacritics marks acording to Madinah
> > Mushaf. The file have not been verified yet, so volunteers are
> > welcome.
> >
> > Second, I remember last time there was an initiatives to submit a
> > proposal to unicode. What have happen to the initiative? I've compiled
> > my own issues regarding encoding and displaying the Quran in unicode.
> > Appreciate comments and feedback from fellow arabeyes on the
> > documents, especially those who are expert in Quranic Rasm.
> >
> > The above said documents can be downloaded from
> > http://www.pakistanopensource.org/projects/quran/ .
> >
> > Regards.
> >
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