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Re: Word List

--- Andrew Lindesay <apl at lindesay dot co dot nz> wrote:
> I write a small program called "WordLookup" which has flags for  
> different languages -- what "flag" or "flags" would be most suitable  
> for use with the Arabian language?  Are the ones shown at the top  
> banner on "http://www.arab.net"; appropriate?

Those are appropriate to each of the various countries.  Since there
is no one flag that represents Arabic as a whole, you're best bet is
to use the Arab League's flag [1] -- unfortunately, I haven't been
able to find a decently drawn/captured version to point you to, so
let's hope some of the folks on 'general' can lend a helping hand
in generating and creating this much needed flag (its the league's
circular logo on a green background).

Or maybe something like this [2] but without jordan's flag in the

 [1] http://www.arableagueonline.org
 [2] http://www.egypty.com/images/top4/arab_league.jpg

BTW: in the future do please subscribe and mail to Arabeyes' "general"


 - Nadim

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