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Re: Dictionary arabic/french/english/german

--- "Haisam K. Ido" <haisam at ido dot org> wrote:
> checkout http://www.dict.cc for a community based english<->german
> dictionary.  Perhaps something similar can be setup for arabic.

Something already has (note _past_ tense :-).  Although it is not
as nice looking (didn't I say I hate html and am no good at it :-)
as the site you note above, but it works and works well - it is called
QaMoose [1].  The QaMoose/Wordlist project is in need of someone to
look over the suggestions for processing, etc so feel free to volunteer
(its 15 minutes a day type of a task).  The wordlist has also been
stalled for the past 6+ months and is very much in need of a cheerleader
and a maintainer !

Do note that any language that is translated to english could be ported
to include an arabic equivalent.  In other words if there is a chinese
to english dictionary, then with some scripting we can easily have a chinese
to arabic list, et al.

[1] http://qamoose.arabeyes.org


 - Nadim

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