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Re: patacode example (was Re: Examples of Idghaam ...)

Gregg Reynolds wrote:
Abdulhaq Lynch wrote:

Taken from suurat alIsraa' ayat 80:

Please note the idghaam examples of:


Saudi mushaf:


Attached is an encoding of the above ayah using `Patacode arabic-1. The file is utf-8, but it uses the latin-1 char repertory.

You can see how the assimilation codepoints in patacode look.
(Latest patacode at http://www.arabink.com/patacode/encoding.pdf)

CAVEAT: For consistency, I switched the letter for dal rad and non-rad, so dal rad is now capital ETH Ð and nonrad is d, but haven't updated the PDF yet. In general a capital letter is a rad, except where that leads to conflict (i.e. s = seen rad, S = saud rad).