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Re: Tanween variants and Unicode

--- Mete Kural <metek at touchtonecorp dot com> wrote:
> As far as I understand (referenced individuals, correct me if I'm wrong):
> - Tom and I support the <tanween+modifier> approach.
> - Gregg supports the <vowel+modifier> approach (by vowel, I mean
>   fatha/damma/kasra here).
> - Meor is somewhat neutral but he prefers the single codepoint
>   for each tanween variant approach since it is easier to implement.
> - Nadim and Mohammed Yousif support the single codepoint for each
>   tanween variant approach.

So if you really boil it down there are two approaches here,

 a. With a modifier (of some kind)
 b. A codepoint for each character

So why not do both - the 'b' option will give you standardized
backwards compatibility as well as functionality on restricted
or non-font based approaches while the 'a' option would result
in a more preferred standardized approach that is font technology

Seems like a plausible win-win situation to me, no ?


 - Nadim

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