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@Meor Re: Quran PDF generation, help needed

Salam all,

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more coming up isa.



Meor Ridzuan Meor Yahaya wrote:
I've tried to generate PDF files  for the Quran text many times, and
all of them seems to have problems generating the correct output. I'm
using PDF995 and PrimoPDF, both generate almost the same problem.
Basically, It will show that some of the glyph is missing from the
font by displaying the rectangular box, which is actually there in the
font. After some troubleshooting work, my guess is it is not the fault
of the PDF generation, but the Postscript generated by Windows printer
driver. I generate postscript files using a few postscript printer
driver, but all resulting the same as the PDF. PDF generated under
Linux is far worse, maybe I don't have the correct tools.

However, when I generate PCL files, it seems to generate to correct
output. So, my guess is windows postcript support is buggy. Anyway,
there is nothing much I can do about it.

So, does anyone have any other suggestion on how I can create the PDF?
I can assure you that this is a complex process because it involve a
complex font. My idea is we might be able to convert the PCL files to
PDF and get the correct results, but , so far only possible thru a
commercial program which I dont have. PDF is necessary because seem
like a lot of people prefer it, and thus would ease up the
verification process. If anyone would only like to print the quran
text, I can give the PCL files and you can print it directly to a PCL



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