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Arabic punctuation in OpenOffice.org 1.9

Hello. I am typing in Arabic in OOo 1.9.113. I can't get the punctuation to come out right. I get a Latin comma instead of an Arabic comma, even though the paragraph is right-to-left and even though i changed the locale to Arabic: Egypt. I was checking through my mail archives and even notice that i sent a message about this problem to this same list in 2003, for OOo 1.1, but never got a response.

If anyone knows how to get a comma to appear correctly in Arabic in OOo, please let me know. I have opened the following bug in IssueZilla:




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Subject: punctuation problem in Arabic with Mandrake 9.1, KDE, andOpenOffice.org 1.1
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 19:30:40 -0700
From: Leston Buell <bulbul at fizzylogic dot com>
Reply-To: General Arabization Discussion <general at arabeyes dot org>
To: general at arabeyes dot org

Hi. Can anyone tell me what to do to be able to use OpenOffice.org 1.1
in KDE on Mandrake 9.1 in Arabic? I think i've made all of the relevant
parameter choices in OOo and in KDE. I can type normally in Arabic,
except that the punctuation comes out as if i were typing in English
(wrong size, question mark backwards, etc.).

I am not concerned about getting the entire interface in Arabic, i'd
just like the ability to type the occasional letter in Arabic with
correct punctuation and numbers.


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