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ArabTex/LyX (was Re: shell commands guide)

On Friday 21 May 2004 07:22 am, belahcene abdelkader wrote:
> dear sire,
> I sent you many months ago, about the arabtex/lyx.
> you said that you didn't know it. That 's Ok. But the
> lyx is very usefull, I use it for all my document, I
> mean any type ( scientific or not). The big problem is
>  the arabtex is not really supported. It 's very pity.

ArabTex/LyX already works great but may be you are doing something wrong or 
you are using an old version. I am using Mandrake 10 and it works great 
except of two small LyX issues that Mr. Klaus has nothing to do with it. 
Explain your problem in details so we can help you.

> I am sure that if you try to do something in this
> direction, you 'll help us.
> best regard
> yours
> bela

> --- Klaus Lagally
> <lagally at informatik dot uni-stuttgart dot de> wrote:
> > scripsit Andrea Benazzo:
> > > till now I've been using LaTeX (n I even know
> >
> > ArabTeX very well if it'd be
> >
> > > necessary in the future).
> >
> > I have been lurking on this list but I keep silent
> > if I have nothing to
> > contribute. If any questions or problems with
> > ArabTeX turn up, feel free
> > to ask me via personal EMail; I also know a few
> > things about XML (but not
> > the arabeyes conventions) and might be able, and am
> > willing, to help.
> > This is just a reminder :-)
> >
> > Peace
> >
> > KL

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