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Re: bidi looks bad

--- Muhammad Alkarouri <malkarouri at yahoo dot co dot uk> wrote:
>  --- Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> > The bidi algorithm has made changes over the years (note the fribidi
> > mailing-list as of a couple of weeks ago).
> You mean there is an actual fribidi mailing list? Last time I checked
> (that was months ago) it was just noise, practically only spam. That was
> the only reason I am not on the list, though I am still interested.
> Is it fribidi-discuss at source forge or somewhere else?

Due to all the spam they were receiving, they moved to -


there were recent posts there about the recent Unicode 4.0.1 changes that
altered some Bidi references.  In any regard, I think this discussion should
be moved to 'developer' as it will involve behdad (and hopefully update the
fribidi.sf.net page).


 - Nadim

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