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bidi looks bad (Re: writing mails in Arabic)

From: Ossama Khayat <okhayat at yahoo dot com>
لا أستطيع قراءة أي شيء حتى أعرف ما الذي هو
في تونس كذلك :)
فكما ترى، النص المقتبس لا يحتوي أي كلام!

dont you think that bidi reordered text, looks a little ugly ? notice the smiley in the second line above, it should be at the end of the line, which is the left side, not the right side. i know that its a weak type, and that if you follow it with another arabic or one of the RLE, RLO chars it will be properly positioned, but shouldnt the bidi algorithm be more helpful ? my IRC chats really look ugly, because all the punctuation is put on the wrong side, and a lot of stuff looks weird, anyone else notice that ??

btw, im not saying programs dont follow the Algorithm, im saying
that i dont like the algorithm's output


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