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Re: cleaning art.arabeyes.org

--- Riyad Preukschas <rpreukschas at web dot de> wrote:
> Assalamu Alaikum,

Wa Alaikom Assalam wa Ra7matou Allah.

> I don't know who is in charge of maintaining the arabeyes' arts page, 
> but I think a few things should be cleaned up.

Here I am ;)

> 1. The upload folder should be cleaned at regular intervals and its 
> content should be moved into appropriate folders.

True. Will do ISA from now on.

> 2. Clean up the logos folder! Does Arabeyes.org really need so many 
> logos? There should be at most three. Pick the ones that look best and 
> remove the other ones.

Well, if we don't use them, maybe others want them. If not I'll remove them.
Most of those I got from Elzubeir.

> 3. Why isn't the svg arabeyes logo (the Arabic calligraphy) available 
> there. I only got it, because I got a mail with a link to its
> _CVS location_.

Upload it to the 'uploads' catalog, and I'll add it.

> 4. I think there should also be albums for all the project's logos/icons 
> where you can get them in different sizes.
> It could for example have the following structure:
> - Logos
> 	- Arabeyes.org
> 		- <Arabeyes.org logos>
> 	- Projects
> 		- <project name>
> 			- <project's logo(s)>

I'll check on this later.

> isA the points above get solved.
> Thanks.

ISA. Thanks for your suggestions.

Ossama Khayat

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