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Re: Important msg about Arabaizing

--- Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de> wrote:
> Naturally I am against this.

Don't jump to conclusions so hastily.

> To be honest gnome is MY project I've putten so hard work on it, I
> understand the "gnome language" and I think that I know what I am doing.

Arafat, are you sure you read Ahmad.T's email carefully ?  You might
want to go reread it - I think what was noted there was a simple
"we want to help" message, nothing more and nothing less.

Plus I would really stay away from calling anything MY or YOUR or
whatever, we are all here as team working towards the same end-result.

> Gnome itself has assigned the translation to Arabeyes so anyone coming
> to them will have to ask us first,as many hang around in the gnome-i18n
> lists and are redirected to the reponsible ppl, and my answer is no.

Arabeyes is responsible for Gnome and as such we are tasked with
making decisions on how best to proceed with it and you are at the
helm of that particular aspect with regards to Gnome.

> From my translation work for one and a half year now, I can handle the
> files so easily now that I translated gnome-applets with it's 1400
> strings in one single day, NOW no one can do this.

Great :-)  Cool down a bit though, no one said anything contrary
to that (you might be jumping to conclusions).

> If I really want I can translate the whole gnome desktop in one week.

Please "want" then :-)  So we have a "want" person and a "mood" person
running around -- what an eclectic group of people :-)  Seriously though,
we all have to be driving at 100% at all times to get all tasks completed
sooner rather than later.  We also need to be driving the right message
to people out there (certainly not a set of moody, non-motivated,
non-wanting bunch)

Do also keep in mind that we want all the help we can get.  Gnome
(like KDE, wordlist, etc) is alot of work to get 100% done (ie. all

> I don't want a second third and forth reorganization redirection and
> some ppl from any office outa there to take on this project we all
> pioneered in.

You need to give us (arabeyes and 'core' in particular) some credit.
You think we'd agree to something that would hamper the project down
or lead to a slow-down ?  If so, think again ;-)

> And I don't want Arabic official organizations to take on things that
> HERE in the west are handeled by open groups. This is simply not the
> open source geist.

As far as Arabeyes is concerned you are the Gnome coordinator and from
what I read they are simply looking to help and need some direction.
Post a more detailed discussion with core, we will make a decision on
how to proceed, but (speaking for myself) I don't see any change in
our policy and how we've completed tasks in the past.  They will most
likely continue simply be viewed as all other volunteer are as far as
any of us are concerned.  They will have to interact and answer to the
sub-project's leader/coordinator just like we all do.

> If they want to translate the fedora installation files they can do, but
> they'll not touch my gnome. At least i have my seal from gnome and the
> Arabeyes ppl and no one will touch this without MY approval.

Hehehe - you really should stop this "my" talk.  Again, Arabeyes (and
its projects) are in good hands and the best decision(s) will be made. 
As Anmar noted, we've gotten ALOT of similar "Talk" propositions before
and nothing has ever come out of them.  I don't see any requirement
for any changes (pending an approval from 'core' of course).

So in short, nothing has changed and nothing will except for maybe
getting some new fresh faces that will work on some projects more
permanently and the possibility that we import Fedora's installation
files to be worked on (like we recently did on Debian).

Salam and take it easy (literally !!).

PS: please please please don't cross post (ie. don't CC another
    list) and don't mail the same email (ie. abiword) 5+ times :-)

 - Nadim

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