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Re: arabic spellchecking

--- "Samir L. Boulema" <sboulema at wanadoo dot nl> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have OpenOffice working perfect with Arabic but im
> missing a 
> spellchecker. I saw there were a whole lot of other
> languages which have 
> a spellchecking dictionary. Is there something like
> that for Arabic and 
> am i just overlooking it or isnt it available yet,
> if so when and where 
> will it be available. Thanks in advance

Actually, Mr. Elzubeir is working on the addition of
Duali (our intellegent spellchecker) to OpenOffice,
and it needs some more time.

Elzubeir, can you please update us on this?

Ossama Khayat

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