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Re: Arabbix agian

Thanks for you feedback Moayyad. I will be releasing a document for installtion of Arabbix on HD. Check out arabeyes.org in 3 days and you can download it. :)

Thanks alot


Moayyad Al-Sadi wrote:
I just tried Arabbix 0.8 it's very great
How can I install it ?
1-boot menu with F2 is not concesstant things are ups
and downs
and it has some missspelling hamza
2-mlterm gives this error message and never starts
font -efont-fixed-medium-r-normal--16-*-iso10646-1
couln't be loaded.Unable to start -
open_screen_intern() failed.
3- akka is installed and running but not functional
what do I need more:
0- quran 1-give it a page like this http://arabbix.ae.org or
http://arabbix.arabeyes.org and make it a real big
distro (both like-Cd and normal like gentoo)
2- make two extra CD's full with .deb packages for
after installation
3- make a nice araCC (Arabbix Control Center)
4- make ara* (arafonts ,aramounts ,aradisk .. toos for
it like drak*.)
5- fix bugs
6- what about games like lbreakout2 and
i see frozenbubbles so I asked about it

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