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Re: Fw: [Bug 197375] hebrew or arabic string being copy/pasted, reverses

ביום חמישי, 1 בינואר 2004, 16:45, נכתב על ידי Diego Iastrubni:
> ביום חמישי, 1 בינואר 2004, 04:13, נכתב על ידי Ahmad Al-Twaijry:
> > iastrubn at actcom dot net dot il wrote:
> > > of the copy functions of mozilla (can anyone test on windows? not only
> > > X11?)
> >
> > This bug only in Unix,
> >
> > I don't know about hebrew but I got this bug every time I try to
> > copy/paste Arabic string (if it's not UTF-8)
> Ok tried on linux now (Mandrake 9.2, and Mozilla 1.4). I have also tried
> several hebrew sites, they work all fine (UTF8 encoded, visual ordering,
> logial ordering). Works fine.
> It's a problem with Arabic alone.
buh... again still pressing the enter button too soon..

I cannot reproduce it even in Arabic:
I copy some test from http://penguin.org.il/guides.html#11
into kedit, and I get the correct order, but not shaping. 
When I paste into kwrite I get the correct form. 
Pasting here in to kmail it does work (if you setup the proper fonts, which is 
wrong since QT should handle this... funny... another bug report)
For example:
ألمجلدات في أنظمة لينوكس



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