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Re: Thunderbird extension for switching to RTL

--- Ayman Hourieh <aymanh at gmail dot com> wrote:
> I've created a Thunderbird extension that lets you easily switch
> between RTL and LTR, I think Arabic users who use Thunderbird will
> find it quite handy, check it out here:
> http://aymanh.com/archives/2004/08/02/thunderbird-extension-dirswitcher

I'm not a Thunderbird user, but can we get this support (what is the
status and what is missing in terms of Arabic support - is it enumerated ?) 
adopted into the Thunderbird's main trunk ?

I'm also not sure if by RTL you mean Bidi with RTL defaulted or shear RTL
in which english is even reversed...  Maybe a screenshot with both Arabic
and English mixed text with and without the "patch" would help.

Salam & keep up the great work.

 - Nadim

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