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Re: Thunderbird extension for switching to RTL

Yousef Raffa wrote:

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Ayman Hourieh wrote:

| Salam,
| I've created a Thunderbird extension that lets you easily switch
| between RTL and LTR, I think Arabic users who use Thunderbird will
| find it quite handy, check it out here:
| http://aymanh.com/archives/2004/08/02/thunderbird-extension-dirswitcher/
That's cool man, I've been waiting for this since ages :)... I have TB
0.5, which you never tested I guess, do you think I should go ahead and
test it, or upgrade first?
- --
Well I couldn't wait, I just backed up my mails, upgraded to TB 0.7.2 and installed the extention, it ROCKS!! Thanks man..


Yousef Raffa
If you don't know how to unix, then don't even think of opening your windows.