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Re: State of Bidi and Fribidi Arabic support

Thanks Mohammed.... that is the info. I was looking for. I will move this discussion to the developer list once I catch up. :)



Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:
On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 10:23:13PM -0800, anmar oueja wrote:

I started looking into BIDI to better understand and ultimately use it. lots of information out there.

I was a bit discouraged to find that BIDI algorithm, by the Unicode Consrotium, to have some problems supporting Arabic.

I would appreciate some feedback as to the status of Fribidi complete support for the Arabic language.

If there are issues still, we should definitely look into resolving them not to mention offer a proper shaping library to go with the Fribidi lib.


This subject has been discussed on numerous occasions, I would strongly
encourage you to first look through the 'developer' list archives
(as well as the 'general' archives):

But the status currently is that fribidi offers the best bidi support,
while lacking shaping support. This subject has also been discussed
and Behdad (one of the fribidi maintainers) has already written shaping
code for fribidi, but is not included for... well, a long story that
is best understood when you look through the archives.

P.S. Please move this discussion to the 'developer' list.