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VIM Arabic Patch


I'd like to share the following email from Mr. Hall who is apparently one of the maintainers for cream for VIM. I approached him because he has instructions on how to build VIM from source for Win32 on his site.
I am desperately wanting Arabic support in VIM for a project I'm working on.

The site with the instructions on building Vim/Win32 is:


Thanks for you time,
Arafat Mohamed

on 1/4/2003 5:08 PM Arafat Mohamed said the following:

> I'd like to apply a patch supplied by www.arabeyes.org to enable
> arabic on win32 VIM. Will your instructions on how to build from
> source work with this patch or is the makefile specific to your
> patch?

You might be able to apply it as a normal patch. Problem is, it had to have been created against some version of the Vim source code, apparently in May 2002. Another more recent patch may have broken something to make it work correctly, or it may have been created against an older patch level.

You might read the recent thread on Arabic support in the vim-dev
list's archives here:

Looks like it needs some more testing. Let me experiment with it
myself and see if I can get it to apply. If not, can you help me get a
new patch from the author against a recent patched version of the
source code? I'd like to help you get it included and make it standard
in my binaries so more people can test it until then.

Steve Hall [ (digitect)@(mindspring).(com) ] -- Try Cream in your Vim... gentler till you're ready for full strength! http://cream.sourceforge.net