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Re: vi & gtk-2 questions

--- Mohammed Sameer <uniball at gmx dot net> wrote:
> > > > Also, we have already available apps that support Arabic and
> > > > can do all that xmms can do if not better, right?
> > >
> > > like what ? I don't think we have anything better than xmms "with
> > > the exception of the command line players"
> > 
> > kmplayer, juk (http://www.slackorama.net/cgi-bin/content.pl?juk)...
> > try the latest versions before giving an opinion.
> I didn't try it yet, Maybe it's better than xmms, But it's a KDE app.
> Nothing for gtk/gnome I thing ?

I believe beepmp (bmp for short) is slated to be a GTK/Gnome app.
I haven't used it, but thought I suggest looking into it,



 - Nadim

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