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Re: Is this a known/reported bug in gedit? (important)


   Well i am not going to give any solution for this problem as I am a somewhat novice in this field, rather i would like to ask something in this regard. I want to know the exact methodolgy and steps taken and followed by people at Arabix to give Arabic language typing siupport in Gedit. As i am interested in providing such support for Urdu language (which is almost similar to Arabic) in Gedit. Kindly guide me in this regard. If anyone has descriptive document or useful links in this regard (i am sure that there will be) then please it will great act on your part to share that with me.

Waiting for an encouraging and useful response.






>From: Ossama Khayat >Reply-To: General Arabization Discussion >To: General Arabization Discussion >Subject: Re: Is this a known/reported bug in gedit? >Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 06:44:37 -0800 (PST) > >--- Munzir Taha wrote: > > In gedit if you type any Arabic letter followed by > > Tashkeel and then press > > BACKSPACE to remove tashkeel, both the tashkeel and > > the letter will be > > removed!! I noticed this in gedit 2.4.0 can any one > > confirm whether it's not > > solved in the latest snapshot? > >The same goes for Katoob (all). > >Ossama > >__________________________________ >Do you Yahoo!? >Find out what made the Top Yahoo! Searches of 2003 >http://search.yahoo.com/top2003 >_______________________________________________ >General mailing list >General at arabeyes dot org >http://lists.arabeyes.org/mailman/listinfo/general

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