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RE: LUG _in_ Iraq

--- Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> --- Ashraf Tariq <ashraftariq_398 at hotmail dot com>
> wrote:
> > I'm aware that Arabbix is under the GPL and hence
> Adam downloaded
> > Arabbix 0.8 and hand it to us. We find your work
> very much helpful
> > and appreciated by many people including us at the
> LUG of Iraq. Also,
> > we are going to distribute Arabbix as a demo of
> the GNU/Linux to
> > attract new users and incomers to the Linux
> community, although it's
> > more than a demo indeed! Translating documentation
> to Arabic is a
> > great idea to attract school students as they have
> still low english
> > level to compete with the complex script
> documentations supplied with
> > most distros.
> Ashraf, we'd be more than happy to help (just let us
> know in the
> future on any exact needs).  We should also have
> newer versions
> of Arabbix within the next month to a month and a
> half.  If you
> have a priority list of which documents you'd like
> translated
> first do also let us know (we are a bit short-handed
> at the moment
> so if that is done on your end we'd be more than
> happy to upload
> 'em to our CVS for safe-keeping).
> In passing, I think this book in Arabic might be of
> great interest
> (its author, Moayyad Al-Sadi, is on arabeyes'
> "general" mailing-list;
> I highly recommend you subscribe to arabeyes' "doc",
> "general" and
> "announce" lists to keep in touch).  We'll be
> discussing with Moayyad
> the importation of his book into Arabeyes' CVS soon
> and converting it
> into SGML in order to give potential users a greater
> option and benefit
> in attaining a suitable format).
>   http://www.daif.net/linux
>   http://www.daif.net/linux/ar/faq.html
>   http://www.daif.net/linux/ar/index.html
> Hasanen, we miss ya on the developer list ;-)
>   http://www.arabeyes.org/mailinglists.php
> Salam.
>  - Nadim
> _ 

÷ I take this opportunity to inform that here in
Algeria we have done our 4th school  for Linux and
free software,. The last one was at Setif 300 km, Est
Algiers, from 21st to 24 Dec at Setif University.
We have decided to create our Linux group in the next 
few weeks. in challah.
I presented the arabix for some very interested people
( the most are prof at university).

So I would like to find , the lyx program with arabic
support. I know the dispalying arabic in Lyx is not
the same as in openoffice. perhaps someone  can find a
to include it automatically.
Lyx is very important for arab scientists.

best regards 
سسلام عليكم



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