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Re: vi & gtk-2 questions

On Saturday 20 December 2003 21:08, Mohammed Sameer wrote:

> Maybe you are right.
> I rarely use xmms, when I do, I don't use any non standard plugins. I
> was hoping to provide something like a wrapper for the old simple
> deprecated gtk API till more plugins are ported.
> Do you have anything for me to do ? ;-)

Yes, please release a new stable version of katoob soon so that I can make a 
Mandrake rpm against the latest version. At least give me a deadline.

> > Also, we have already available apps that support Arabic and can do all
> > that xmms can do if not better, right?
> like what ? I don't think we have anything better than xmms "with the
> exception of the command line players"

kmplayer, juk (http://www.slackorama.net/cgi-bin/content.pl?juk), ... try the 
latest versions before giving an opinion.

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