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Re: Bounty offer, for Pango's characters composing

--- Owen Taylor <otaylor at redhat dot com> wrote:
> I'm really glad you care about this problem and are
> making
> this generous offer to get it done.

Thanks. It's the least we at Arabeyes could do.

> However, I have to point out that there are already
> almost
> complete patches at:
>  http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=117282

That's great! This hopefully makes it easier for the
_hero_ who's gonna fix it.

"Yo! Hero... Don't you wanna get the $500? :)"

> which will go into Pango-1.4, so I'm not really sure
> what
> someone would do for this. Perhaps after we get
> these patches
> in, you can try out the result and see if there are
> remaining problems that need to be fixed.

Acceptance of the patch is the job of the _hero_.
Testing will be done heavily to make sure it's 100%

Again, I _want_ this to be done ASAP.

Ossama Khayat
Member of Arabeyes.org

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