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Re: Prayertime Library

--- Ahmad Twaijry <msx at hush dot com> wrote:
> Anyway even if it under GPL I don't think we need it because we have
> better codes and easy to read/include in any program

Irrespective of GPL or not, the whole point of this process was to
look at what's out there and to make a very educated decision on
what is "the best" and "most accurate" and "flexible" solution out
there to adopt and propagate.

With regard to the 2 topics at hand,

 1. Prayertime determination library.
    - Thamer's code was deemed the best possible fit from everything
      that was looked at (in terms of a library) and should be packaged
      and included in raw format (without GUI) so that it can be
      easily used on the command-line (then the GUI's can use it).

 2. Hijridate determination library.
    - From what I see on CVS, Mr. Fayez Alhargan's code has been
      deemed the best possible answer to determining the Hijri dates.

I humbly suggest that we use the above two libraries (if the final
decision on them has been made) and do the following,

 a. Package the libraries for command-line usage.
 b. Add whatever missing features/options to the library (API ok ?)
    - On 'hijridate' possibly add the option to convert meladi <=> hijri
 c. Release the libraries stand-alone
 d. Start working on GUI's that use the libraries.

If need be we can request that hdate be removed in lieu of a newer
more accurate hijri date determining library/application.  We could
even possibly release it as 'hdate version 2.0'.  If that is not
possible, we'll come-up with an alternate name.

Does that make sense ?  Comments ?


 - Nadim

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