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Re: Debian on PowerPC & BIDI

Ahmad Al-rasheedan wrote:

> I wonder if Debian 'woody' on the PPC needs something extra? Am I wasting
> my time on PPC since there isn't enough audiance on the platform & Linux?

some truetype fonts are endian dependant, so an intel platform truetype
needs a conversion to be used on ppc (u can find utilties for that on the

Now, unless your app uses ASM code or some very esoteric ioctls, or makes
assumptions about endianness or type size, everything that works on Debian
i386 should work alright on Debian PPC (I have both at home and see no
difference). So if Mozilla or konqueror have differences, it means they fall
in the mentionned category.

I remember having to change an int to char or something like that to have
acon run correctly btw on a Debian PPC. If you need to run acon on your PPC,
just tell me and I'll look for the change.