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Announce 'announce'!


We would like to point your attention to our new mailing-list 'announce'
(http://www.arabeyes.org/mailman/listinfo/announce). To avoid ever having to
email all of our mailing lists and send messages like this one, we have setup
the 'announce' mailing-list.

Things such as the Arabeyes newsletter and other announcements (releases,
etc.) will be channeled there. I would highly recommend that you subscribe to
it if you are interested in keeping up with Arabeyes development.

Our size has grown, and we have successfully placed the first layer of our
foundation. We have a lot of good news to tell you -- and it will be posted on
the announce list ;) So, subscribe to it. It will be very very low-traffic.
2-3 messages a month.

Thank you.

| Mohammed Elzubeir                    | http://fakkir.net/           |
| Tech Support                         | http://www.arabeyes.org/     |
| College of Business Computing Center | Homepage:                    |
| University of North Texas            | http://fakkir.net/~elzubeir/ |