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[doc] Fwd: New PO template for 'solfege' (TP)

السلام عليكم,
من احدى تداعيات ترجمة برنامج كلفاروا ان اصبحت تصلني هذه الرسائل يوميا و هذه عينة منها
عندي الآن ما يصل لأربعين إلا واحدة من هذا النوع

فهل من مهتم بالترجمة؟
بالنسبة لي معظم اسماء الملفات غريبة و لا ادري لماذا الكثير من البرامج تطلب الترجمة عبره

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Translation Project Robot <robot at translationproject dot org>
Date: Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 10:12 AM
Subject: New PO template for 'solfege' (TP)
To: team-leaders at translationproject dot org

My nicest hello to all language team leaders.

This is a message from the Translation Project robot.

A new POT file for programs using the textual domain 'solfege' has
just been made available to the language teams for translation.
A copy is available at:


Your team will be notified only if it already committed a translation for
this domain, or if you have requested that the team be notified anyway.
Otherwise it is up to you to decide how a translator might be recruited
to take care of it.

Here is some URL information that could be provided to translators
for this package:


Thank you for all your work,

                               The Translation Project robot, in the
                               name of your translation coordinator.
                               <coordinator at translationproject dot org>