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Re: Translation of GNOME 2-22 starts [was: Gnome Translation Report: gnome-2-22]

Thanks, Ahmad, feel free to pick any uncomplete packages.

في خ، 10-01-2008 عند 15:40 +0200 ، كتب Ahmad Farghal:

> That's brilliant. Are you aware of the Rhythmbox bug where if you play
> a song with English tags, the Song name, Artist name, and Album name
> of the current song are in reverse order?
> Currently the tags are, from right to left: 'Album name' from 'Artist
> name' by 'Song name'
> This of course is wrong, the tags should be reversed. 'Song name' by
> 'Artist name' from 'Album name'. Note that this only happens in the
> Arabic interface with English tags. With Arabic tags, they are
> displayed in the correct order.
> Try it yourself, just launch Rhythmbox and play an English tagged song
> in it. The song name should be at the right of the window.

Such bugs should be reported to bugzilla people!

I looked at the cause: that message needs the RTL character. I'll report
the bug and fix it. Good catch.

> Also, can we please give some attention to the issue of local numbers?
> Currently, as Khaled Hosny told me, we have to go through all the
> files by hand and change them to use local numbers. I have done this
> with rhythmbox, but the results were incomplete. We have to change all
> the files. This is a very important issue IMHO.

I need to bring this up with the gnome people as a policy.


> > We're currently very good in the rankings, so we're not very far off.
> > Please free to assign yourself any of the uncompleted packages in the
> > previous email, and let me know.
> >
> > http://l10n.gnome.org/releases/gnome-2-22
> >
> > If we get this right and reviewed in time I'd try to market the next
> > release for mainstream Arabic users. Newspapers and magazines welcome.
> Yay! Go team! Marvelous job, everybody.
> > PS. Do you find these automated reports useful? Shall I make them
> > weekly? monthly?
> As frequent as you can without being spammy :-D They are very useful, thanks.
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