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[doc] TechDict Editing

Salam All,

I've recently start working on cleaning TechDict from non-computer terms, starting from the letter "B".

I used the "delete" template mentioning the reason for making the entry a candidate for deletion, and saved it with proper the comment. 

I checked today my edits and found all templates have been removed with no discussion or something, I would appreciate it of course.

Here are two examples, where I put my inquiry for the editor:


I also suggested some entries for changing it, on the discussion page, but don't know, should I have change the entry right away, or just discuss it first as I did?

As I am very new here in the community, I just need your feedback if I am going ok in these additions, or I had to get some kind of permission or discussion before making any change:

ملاحظات و استفسارات حول القاموس




Thank you for helping me out ;-)


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