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Re: Drupal 5

--- OMLX <fahad dot alsaidi at gmail dot com> wrote:
> السلام عليكم
> أخواني الذي يعملون على ترجمة دوربال
> لقد نزل منذ فترة الإصدار الخامس ولكن
> التعريب لم يكتمل له؟
> فهل أحد يتابع موضوع التعريب أظنه لا يحتاج
> إلى الكثير من الجهد؟

Is anyone working on translating Drupal 5.x+ ?  The drupal
project [1] has been silent for a while now (since late 2005),
could someone involved with the Egyptian LUG please raise
this question with Alaa and others since they were Drupal's
champions.  Here is a list of that project's past contributors
(in usernames) just in case,

  msameer :: hassan :: nagy     :: ghareeb :: elsherbiny ::
  okda    :: kamel  :: hmohamed :: massry

[1] http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=Drupal


 - Nadim

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