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Re: Suspending

Le vendredi 09 février 2007 à 19:35 +0000, Walid Bakkar a écrit :
> Dear friends, 
> I am here to apolgise for my sudden silence and disappearance. For more
> than 2 weeks now I know that I haven't shown anyone my face in IRC, mailing
> lists or even pvt msg.s. :-) 
لا تعتذر، فلكل ظروفه. لست الوحيد الذي توقف عن العمل.
> I feel more sorry when I have just noticed that some of my work is now no
> use :-), because the project is now completed. But among that sadness I
> would like to hope for some forgivness and few greetings for my "( MARRIGE
> )"!!! Yup, 3o2balkom ana now a married man with the ring in my left hand.
> Wish me luck!! Thus I was so busey with alot of stuff beore the marrige and
> even more after it :-P. 
> I am not calling myself out of this but I would like to suspend my status
> and hope I will be back soon when I get the connection in my new residence
> place. 
> Thank you, and sorry for the trouble. 
> Walid M. Bakkar. 
سننتظرك :-)