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IBIMA 2008 - call for papers on standardising Arabic IT vocabulary, etc.

Perhaps this is of interest to the doc list.  An email was sent to a linguistics mailing list last week, calling for submitted papers to a conference session on Arabic information processing:

"This sessions aims at bringing together researchers and developers interested in topics that include but not limited to:

# Developing culturally and linguistically aware Information Systems for tha Arab world.
# Choice of information systems development methodologies for the Arab world.
# Standardising Arabic Information Processing Vocabulary
# Building of Arabic Ontologies, taxonomies and dictionaries.
# Arabic Information extraction systems
# Arabic Web-development
# Machine translation systems for the Arabic Language
# Arabic natural language processing"

The full session announcement is at http://www.ibima.org/Maroc2008/aip.html

The session will be part of the IBIMA 2008 in Morocco in January.

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