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Re: Invitation to revive OpenOffice.org Arabic translation project

The same goes to Fawaz, sorry but your message went to my spam folder at Yahoo! for some reason. I'll hopefully send you some files today too.

Thanks alot to everyone for your support :)

- Ossama

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From: DAIF AL-OTAIBI <d4d at hotmail dot com>
To: Documentation and Translation <doc at arabeyes dot org>
Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2006 3:31:38 AM
Subject: RE: Invitation to revive OpenOffice.org Arabic translation project

بدون مقدمات ... ارسل لي اي ملف للترجمه

> Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 02:58:58 -0800
> From: okhayat at yahoo dot com
> To: doc at arabeyes dot org
> CC: users at ar dot openoffice dot org; debian-l10n-arabic at lists dot debian dot org
> Subject: Invitation to revive OpenOffice.org Arabic translation project
> Salam all,
> I would like to revive the OpenOffice.org project and start working again on the translation. I've got many requests from Arabeyes members and other gentles who would like to work on this project.
> The work plan is simple and straight forward:
> 1. I just a confirmation from who ever is interested to help in translation.
> 2. I'll assign a couple of small files and receive them back for checking.
> 3. We'll coordinate together on weather the work will be committed back to CVS directly or mailed to me
> and then put on CVS.
> 4. I will dedicate an hour or so daily or every other day and be on IRC for any questions related to the
> project or work needed for the project as a whole.
> So, let's work together on making this project again a success and help the community get the benefits from this great project.
> Awaiting your reply,
> - Ossama Khayat
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