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Re: Fwd: FOSS Guide to Localization Published

--- Ossama Khayat <okhayat at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> --- "charles-h.schulz" <charles-h dot schulz at laposte dot net> wrote:
> > Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 14:07:05 +0200
> > To: "dev" <dev at native-lang dot openoffice dot org>
> >
> > FOSS Guide to Localization Published
> > ------------------------------------
> > "Free/Open Source Software, Guide to Localization assists
> > people in localizing FOSS applications. It covers all the steps
> > involved in the localization process starting from fundamental
> > topics like Locale, Character Encoding and Fonts (including Font
> > Creation) to advanced topics such as Input Methods and Gettext
> > Framework to Translation Guidelines. The guide also takes some FOSS 
> > applications like KDE, GNOME, OpenOffice and Mozilla(Firefox) as 
> > case-studies. In addition, the guide includes a list of tools
> > useful for the various tasks in localisation."

I looked into the PDF noted,


and seems interesting - should we include it or link to it from
our 'resources' page.  Thoughts ?


 - Nadim

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