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Re: Mandrake -> Mandriva

--- Youcef Rabah Rahal <y dot rahal at gmail dot com> wrote:
> > Yup, a backend change is needed. In the DB, but that, you should be
> > able to do it from the web interface when you are logged in.
> > 
> > An 'mv mandrake mandriva' is also needed in CVS.
> OK, I did my part. I did not want to change the logs since they are,
> well, historic. All is needed now to be changed is:
> 1- DB (Mandrake to Mandriva)
> 2- CVS (same as above)
> 3- Small desription of the project (Here it needs to be 'Mandriva Linux')
> Only an admin can do that.

OK, I think I took care of everything on the backend except for the status
bar (for whatever reason I wasn't able to 'cvs update -dP' on sina as it
gave me a mysterious "Unknown host cvs.arabeyes.org." error) -- will need
to talk to M.Sameer or Elzubeir to see what's going on.

Youcef, let me know if I missed anything...


 - Nadim

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