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Re: Wordlist in Wiktionary

--- Mohammed Sameer <msameer at foolab dot org> wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 10:15:31PM -0700, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> > In short, you won't see/hear me oppose this but this is not my decision to
> > make (I'm just trying to sway the direction ;-) I would as is noted above
> > at least make ONE exception and ask that wiktionary to note the exception.
> I still think that changing the license is a better option.
> We can't give an exception to every site or project to use it.
> What if the contributers disappear ?
> What if I'm using the wordlist to translate whatever non-gpl'ed material ?

Again, I'm not opposed to this and if this move is helpful then I'm all
for it -- again the point of the wordlist was/is to help those looking
to translate english into arabic possible (the ultimate goal being auto-

Isam, are comments from the Wiktionary people ?


 - Nadim

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