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Re: QaMoose v2.1

--- ghita tijani <gamor at gwu dot edu> wrote:
> Qamoose seems to give one translation only for terms. Is there
> any available English-Arabic dictionary that gives all possible 
> translations with their POS (part of speech). I would need one
> that runs on linux and that I can use in an application. 

Well QaMoose does generate multiple translations if the underlying
wordlist entry has multiple entries to note (check 'Arrange' for
instance).  As for part-of-speech, I'm guessing you mean 'noun',
'verb', etc - this indeed doesn't exist and is way beyond what we
set out to do.  The wordlist as it stands now continues to need
more multiple entry translations.  Ossama, do please note a blurb
on the wordlist project page [1] regarding which letters are
multi-meaning complete.  The page notes A and Z having entries are
they complete as far as you are concerned ?


 - Nadim

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