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Re: KDE maintainership

Salam Nadim and All,
  Regarding the recent posts in doc, I followed it, but unfortunetly I had
problems with sending emails, ISP related problems .. anyhow, regarding
the points brought up in the discussion:

- The latest KDE Sync was 10 August. Since that Sync, the KDE files in the
CVS was untouched accept :
translate/kde/kdeedu kstars.po by Jasem Mutlaq

another Sync must be done (no doubt about that) but without activity in
KDE translation project it seems that the syncing is not the real issue.

- Ahmed, I emailed you more than a month ago with instructions of joining
the KDE translation team, and I didn't hear back from you .. I am glad
that you are interested, the KDE translation project is in need for

- All I care about is the KDE project, So, if there is someone else that
would like to volunteer to take the KDE coordination over, and do a better
job (I know I am not doing a good job at all), then I would be happy for
that, and will assist and help whoever step up.

- Munzir: the files you keep refering to will be fixed in the next sync.

Isam Bayazidi

> Salam.  Isam, I'm not sure if you are really following the 'doc' posts
> of late but there have been a number of inquiries about our KDE status
> and syncs.  A number of people, including myself, are wondering what
> is going on and we all would like to see some leadership taken in that
> regard.
> Do please let us know ASAP (via a reply or better yet a post to 'doc') of
> what is going on and what to expect.  The first thing, beyond a
> re-ignition
> of work, is to re-sync the tree on Arabeyes.
> Salam.
>  - Nadim
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