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Re: Translate KDE

--- Ahmed �Allam <ahmed_computer at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> On 9:00 pm 24th of sha'ban Ahmed allam wrote
> this may sounds to you like a crazy one talking......buuuuuut
> we can deal with the current problem which is the delay in Sync  the 
> translated files ...scince Mr. Issam is not free for the project at the 
> moment...why don't we get a free web space and sync the currently translated 
> files untill he is back and then we copy our progress to the arabeyes 
> website

Please don't - this will create far more confusion than its worth.  As
noted we were unaware of the issue, now we are - give us a couple of days
to ping Isam and we'll remedy the situation by Monday one way or another.

> i've attached desktop_kdeartwork.po which i've made a progress in 
> translating it...this is my....64 strings remained untranslated yet..
> they are all of strange names maybe spanish.....donno
> but i've done my best in it and the reamining two files will be on the 
> website soon here is the link for the my translated files list they
> can be downloaded from there
> http://www.rav3n.t35.com/kde/

Could someone please verify Ahmed's files and give any feedback, it would
be best to get Ahmed CVS commit access post work validation.


 - Nadim

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