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Re: Arabic Maintainership

On Sat, Jun 26, 2004 at 08:14:27AM -0400, Sherif Abdelgawad wrote:
> Mohammed,
>    Good that we reached this point. Sarah is going
> to setup fedora-trans-ar so we can start discussing
> the arabic issues there. I will wait till the mailing
> list are up and running, so we can move there. 

You can carry this discussion over to doc at arabeyes until the fedora list
is up and running.

I will setup the list to be able to post to the Arabeyes doc list and
subscribe the doc list to it so peopl eon the arabeyes doc list can be
involved in the discussion. We would like to consolidate things as much
as possible so as many people as possible can be involved in

> I am sure we can work things out now, as things 
> start to be cleared for both sides. No hard 
> feeling from my side, and I hope same at your end.

"safi ya laban" ;)

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