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Re: Fedora and Translation Teams

On Fri, Jun 25, 2004 at 06:14:39PM +0100, Muhammad Alkarouri wrote:

> I don't think I belong to that class, but I was interested in seeing
> what is happening. I have requested mailing list membership but I got no
> answer. Incidentally, I notice that your message has not made it to the
> fedora-trans-list.

Well, I should have said all Arabeyes members ;)

> I think that the fedora people want to encourage as much translation as
> possible. However, the idea is still not ripe.

Yeah, apparently also discouraging people joining their mailing-lists.

> That being said, I think fedora has to encourage both individuals and
> team. That is, promoting individual work for languages that don't have
> existing teams, and utilising existing teams where they exist.

I am sure they have good intentions. I also am sure this is the

> It is understandable that they will not prevent someone who wants to
> participate, but they should encourage coordination. I would suggest:

That is the problem. By their system, they are dicouraging coordination
by making it very difficult.

> - They acknowledge teams that are actually active by giving them the
> maintainer status for the language. Active teams are those teams that
> are doing more than half the work currently done.

Only half? ;) 

> - Probably they can keep the idea that anybody can 'take' a module,
> because that does not mean he/she is the translator for it. I would
> suggest that the automatic freeing mechanism be in place, so if somebody
> takes a module but does nothing in it, it will be freed automatically.
> The maintainer should have the right to free a module; this right should
> be used judiciously. This keeps the group in control.
> [..]
> I hope this is enough food for thought for the time being.

Too complicated. I personally don't care for Redhat or Fedora or
anything affiliated with both of them (we've had that distro discussion
when we were in Sudan).. I just thing they are implementing a bad system
and the person who is implementing it is refusing to acknowledge this.
That is, at the end of the day, up to them.

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