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Re: Fedora and Translation Teams

> This is intended to all translators involved in Fedora, whether they are
> involved for Arabic or any other language. It is also intended for the
> people who shape the policies and tools used by and for the translators.


Such unilateral changes proposal without community agreement is a
strong argument I can raise to people contributing to "Free" software
projects which are indeed controlled by a commercial entity.

Why do I personnaly contribute to Debian and not to Fedora is
precisely because of this huge difference.

I have no control on the way Fedora will go in the future and I cannot
have one. Only redhat.com has one.

I do have control on the way Debian will go in the future because
here I'm a real part of the community.

This is the strength of a really opened project such as the Debian
Project. This is also sometimes its weakness (release? Did someone
talk about release?)....but I'm also part of this weakness..:-)

OK...this reminds me I forgot to introduce myself though I follow your
work for a few days now in this list and a bit more since Debian
translation to Arabic started.

I will do so in a very  imminent message.