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Re: KACST & translation

--- Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at newhorizons dot com dot sa> wrote:
> On Yau al-Thulatha 04 Jumaada al-Awal 1425 07:26 am, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> > Munzir - yet another example of BAD judgment on your side.
> I also see it as a BAD judgement from you side

Whatever; good thing you explain yourself though :-)

> Nadim, I began to believe that I and you has born and grown in different and 
> cultures. What you see offensive I see as normal. I don't know how to solve 
> this except may be we needn't to reply to each other. Try to let others speak
> of themselves. If someone complained to you it's ok but assuming that what 
> you understand is true and speaking in behalf of others need a stop with 
> yourself.

I shan't give you that pleasure - when something is done wrong I will most
certainly point it out whether you like it or not.

> > I think you need to state outright who these people are, 
> translators brought by kacst. If you need info regarding their CVS or their 
> salaries in order to accept their contribution you can send a message to 
> kacst asking them it's not my business.

That I will do - as I continue to see no need to bring proxies to this
issue and complicate something that isn't.  And thanks for patronizing
me with your remarks above - you left out that I also needed to know
their shoe size...

In short these will be paid-workers (not volunteers) - that answer would
have sufficed.

> they are working at KACST building at Riyadh. I can describe the exact place 
> in case you want to reach them if you want.

Thanks again for being logical and professional about all of this.
> > Last I checked we already had a KDE maintainer - has this changed ?  If
> > it has by who's order (where is the 'core' discussion ?) and if it hasn't
> > why isn't this done via him ?
> ask him. If he has time to come and help us it's great.

For someone who is looking to help you certainly make people really want to
embrace this help - if anything drop him a courtesy note on this list and
tell him of your plan(s) for the both of you to discuss things better.

I'm not sure why the attitude, but I can tell you where I'm coming from
(on a personal level).  We've talked about all these issues over the past
year (or so it seems) and I continue to be repeating myself on all of these
topics (we've had 4 meetings about this).  Its now in the open that these
people will be paid workers (and that is good for all to know to avoid any
dancing).  I'm also of the opinion that it would be best to engage with KACST
and any other institution directly without proxies and without various agendas
getting involved.  I for one, again personally, don't like the setup that
is being discussed (not due to any personnel involvement), but I simply don't
think a reputable leading institute should engage in open source in this
manner.  I realize that it will be potentially more helpful than harmful,
but I'm thinking long-term and continue to view the virtues of people truly
understanding the meaning of open source paramount not to mention the need
for the Arab world to embrace volunteerism.  Neither of these things (whether
we agree or not) in my opinion will be served.

In any regard, I've said (again) all I want on this topic and I shan't
repeat myself.


 - Nadim

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