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Re: Great news: KACST is going to begin working in translation next week

On Sun, Jun 20, 2004 at 02:25:24AM +0300, Munzir Taha wrote:
> Salaam,
> I would like to announce with pleasure that King Abdulaziz City for Science 
> and Technology (KACST) wants to participate in the translation beginning from 
> next Saturday. I will be the coordinator in the translation work. The work 

Coordinator of what exactly?

> will last for one month. I need some help and suggestions to make the process 
> smooth and productive as much as possible.


> They would like to start with KDE, OpenOffice.org, Fedora, Debian, 
> wordlist ... as time permits. Since our work will be intensive, I prefer we 
> take a project and work with it until finished without intervention from 
> others to avoid conflicts and time waste as much as possible. Since I would 
> be working with them fulltime I would like to take over the whole procedure 
> (for one month) from committing the changes to sync'ing with KDE main site. I 
> need some help here regarding the sync procedure and BRANCH/HEAD issues.

Munzir, Arabeyes doesn't work that way. Each project has its own
maintainer and so you cannot just "take over for a month" ;) However, in
the case of KDE, our coordinator's activity is less than satisfactory,
so unless he quickly responds, I would be more than happy to hand it
over to you for a month. This however, would not apply to other

> I would also like to hear your suggestions regarding:
> - priorities

The priorities are set by the individual project maintainers.

> - whether it's better to commit to Arabeyes first and then sync to the main 
> site or directly to the main site.

Since we have been doing things on Arabeyes' CVS and then sync'ing, the
natural response would be -- working on Arabeyes and then sync'ing.

Munzir, people who wish to contribute in translating for x project will
have to go through the normal procedure everyone has to go through
(registration, application for CVS account, etc.). I'm not sure I
understand how you wish to go about doing this (I'm getting the feeling
you have some other plan for how you want it done). If you have better
suggestions, let us know.

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