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Status of OpenOffice Project

Salam all:

I will be providing a weekly status update on arabeyes.org hosted OpenOffice project



OpenOffice uses GSI format,a unique format localization format, for storing all their translation strings. This format is extremely difficult to translate since there are no automated translation tools. Therefore, people decided to convert this file to PO type files for people to use tools such as Kbable or Gtranslator... etc on. Unfortunately, the generated PO files in cvs.arabeyes.org were non compliant and broke tools such as msgfmt.


1. Currently, all PO files in cvs.arabeyes.org are NON-po format compliant and should NOT be worked on at all.

2. New po files will be generated and placed in cvs.arabeyes.org once their integrity and compliance has been confirmed.

3. Help files will also be converted to a manageable format (not sure it will be po format) and placed in cvs.arabeyes.org

4. There are no active translators on this project given its lack of proper po files.

5. There are Arabic GUI (partial low quality localization) downloadable binaries of openoffice 1.1.1 from arabeyes download section:


6. I will be contacting OpenOffice.org to try and place the Arabic GUI binaries on openoffice.org so people can download them from there directly.

I will be doing a fresh import of po compliant files once no later than July 1st 2004. I will inform the list of such activity the day it happens.

Please don't hesitate to send any questions or comments regarding this project to doc mailing list.

Please confine all your questions and discussions regarding this project to the doc mailing list.