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Status of Debian Project

Salam all:

I will be providing a weekly update on each project I am maintaining (Debian, Arabbix, OpenOffice)

As some of you know, Debian New installer is now patched to support bidi and shaping for Arabic. In light of that change, the Debian project at arabeyes switched into high gear. Here are the status:

1. Currently, Debian installer release RC1 does not have the bidi patch but the next one RC2 should have it. I will let you know once it is released so you can test it.


2. Installer is broken into 3 stages.


- Stage 1 is 55% translated to Arabic.
- Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj
- Ossama Khayat
- Want to add your name here, let me know (on the doc list) and I will assign you some files

are working on the Debian installer Arabic translation.

- Please ignore stage 2 and stage 3 as they are dependent on a NON-bidi slang package. Since the slang package is part of the frozen Debian base system, it is going to be difficult to replace the old slang with the new slang-bidi package. A requisition has been placed but it is difficult to guess the outcome. I will let you know if there is a vote available on that subject or if anything changes

3. There is talk to starting a new debian-l10n-bidi list for all translators of bidi languages (i.e. RTL). I have sent an email to doc list soliciting for ideas

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to voice them on doc mailing list. Please confine all your questions and discussion regarding Debian New Installer to doc mailing list.