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Re: FW: Arabic dictionary

--- Mohammed Elzubeir <elzubeir at arabeyes dot org> wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 09:03:10PM +0300, Ahmad Al-rasheedan wrote:
> > We struggled to contact Onelook.com to have our Arabic dictionary added
> > to their list of dictionaries and I feel this is a good start with Mike
> > that will include Arabic in his web site.
> I am sure. If the intention is to simply re-format the wordlist in some
> format that he wants to keep for himself, that is entirely up to him and
> I don't know of any legal implications to that. Sounds harmless to me.
> However, if he is adding/modifying content, then it's a whole other
> issue.

I really doubt he will be adding words and I got the distinct impression
that he was talking about re-formating the data (thus my initial reply).
As noted if that is the case (and I think it is for what its worth) then
there are no issues (per Elzubeir's confirmation) - but this needs to be
noted to him.

Salam and I'm looking forward to seeing _yet_ another site using our
beloved Wordlist (did I say this thing is USEFUL or what :-)

Keep up the great work !!

 - Nadim

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