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Moyyad's Lingual Guide - A suggestion

We just finished our QAC meeting, during which we discussed Moayyad's document,
along with other things as well.
There has been a discussion on making it more appealing for people, especially
when it comes to the 'filtering' part. As most of us know, there has been a big
argument about that.
So, it was suggested that Arafat or myself (as two of the main members of QAC)
edit the document in a way that makes everyone happy.
Anyway, I thought it's the right of the author to change is as he sees fit, and
that's the main reason I'm writing this email.

Brother Moyaad, I'm kindly asking you edit the document, in a way more focused
on translation and like you mentioned, 'without involving one's personal
opinions' in this general document.
I see the document of good benefit and hope you add more and more useful
information to it.

Just a thought...

P.S. Please forgive any missuse of words, as I only mean good.

Ossama Khayat

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